1878 Antique Cookbook Victorian Household Home Remedies Arts Crafts Games Family

1878 Antique Cookbook Victorian Household Home Remedies Arts Crafts Games Family
1878 Antique Cookbook Victorian Household Home Remedies Arts Crafts Games Family
1878 Antique Cookbook Victorian Household Home Remedies Arts Crafts Games Family

1878 Antique Cookbook Victorian Household Home Remedies Arts Crafts Games Family

Note: Many of my clients are scholars and historians seeking specific information related to their research. For their convenience I include the following details directly from this book. Subject Matter Featured in this Work (General/Partial Only, Please See Full Contents in Main Description Below): Antique Domestic Cyclopedia Victorian 19th-century Cookbook Cookery Culinary Cuisine Cook Women Wife Housewife Housekeeper Women Ladies Mistress Home Life House Residence Estate Ornament Decoration Household Management Fancy Work Embroidery Home Cures Remedies Medicine Medical First Aid Desserts Pastry Cake Soup Sweets Confectionery Puddings Preserving Cleaning Washing Laundry Stain Removal Hints Helps Advice Instruction Domestic Servants Drawing Room Domestic economy Home Education Schooling Fireplaces Flower Gardens Fowls Gutta percha Etiquette Invitations Wedding Beauty Perfumery Flowers Floral Roses Greenhouse Arts and Crafts Hair Work Modeling Glass Windows Engraving Plaster Casts Kaleidoscope Papier Mache Artificial Window Gardening Pillow Lace Making Sand Pictures Beaded Purses Sea Shells Sea Weeds Pincushions Wax Flowers Christmas Easter Holidays St.

Patricks Day Valentines Day Yule Log Fly Fishing Angling Games Pastimes Taxidermy Chess Croquet Backgammon Diaries Pianoforte Violins. THE DOMESTIC WORLD A Practical Guide In All the Daily Dificulties of the Higher Branches of Domestic and Social Economy. By the author of Enquire Within. Published in 1878 by Hodder & Stoughton, London. 8 x 5 decorated cloth hardcover.

Some illustrations, advertisements at front endpapers. Exterior as shown in photo.

This rare antique book has been rebacked with a new cloth spine, with the original spine decoration laid on. New inner hinges and endpapers have been added. Binding good, one signature loosened but not detached.

No torn or missing pages. This dandy old guide to household and domestic perfection in the Victorian era was imported directly from London, England the very birthplace of the Victorian age. Loaded with more than 500 individual recipes, receipts, and other nuggets of practical information, this antique home reference covers daily cookery, household management, health and medical advice, etiquette, beauty and personal grooming, arts and crafts, 19th-century games and pastimes, hints on hunting and fishing, and more.

To give you a better idea of whats waiting for you in the pages of this rare old book from across the pond, I have provided some helpful details below. The books entries are arranged in alphabetical order, but I took it upon myself to sort them according to various categories. Cookery, household management, health and medicine all for your convenience.

I hope youll take a moment to have a look. Cookery: How to make Barley Sugar How to make Alum Baskets Anise Biscuits How to make Bitters How to make Blancmange How to make Brown Bread How to make Wheaten Bread How to make Biscuits Tea Rusks Economic Bread-Making Breakfast Bubble and Squeak How to make Bath Buns Plain Buns A substitute for Butter How to cure Butter A good Cake Dough How to make Cake for Children Raised Cake without Eggs How to boil Calfs Head Capillaire Artificial Cheese Neetmok cheese Varieties of Cheese How to make Chicken Salad Cock-a-Leekie Soup recipe How to make Custards New preparations with Eggs Egg Sauce How to boil Eggs How to poach Eggs How to preserve Eggs Fennel A new food solvent Frangipanni How to candy fruit How to keep game How to make Giblet soup Ginger Mocked preserved ginger How to preserve Greengages How to fry ham and eggs How to cure Hams How to pot herrings Isinglass How to preserve jams from moulds Jaumange Economy of joints Walnut ketchup How to keep liquids hot Macaroons Marinaded Mackerel How to preserve mackerel Manna Black currant marmalade Mint How to make Muffins The Nutmeg Oatmeal Olive Oil Onion Sauce Oyster Sauce Pie juice Pigeon Soup Pot au feu Potatos in haste General directions for preserving Caraway Seed Pudding Eve's Pudding Marlborough Pudding Pulque Pumpkin Pie Turkey Rhubarb Rhubarb Tart How to make Academy Rolls French Rolls Sago fruit pudding Endive salad Bread Sauce Brown Sauce Shallot Sorrel How to make Sauerkraut Spinach Sprats as anchovies Stewing and Boiling How to preserve strawberries D'orgeat syrup Tamarinds Tansy Tarragon Tea Cake Sage Tea How to make Tea and Coffee Thyme Recipes for making Everton Toffee Tomatoes Unfermented bread Useful receipts for the frying pan How to preserve vegetables Vinegar Vinegar from the refuse of beehives How to make primrose vinegar Watercress Wedding cake Hints to purchasers of wine Apple wine. Household: How to Wash Cotton and Printed Calicoes for Bed Furniture How to Preserve Books How to Waterproof Boots How to Preserve a Bouquet To Polish Brass Inlaid Work How to clean Silver Brooches Camellias in Windows Treatment of Canaries How to scour Carpets Cement Cheese A new Cement New and Useful Cement How restore Leather Chairs and Sofas How to clean China and Earthenware How to make Waterproof Clothes Clothes-Posts Hints on the Management of Gentlemens Clothing Non-inflammable Clothing How to cleanse Old Coins How to clean Combs Domestic servants How to hire Servants Shopping Crape scarves Disinfectants Arrangement of a Drawing Room Domestic economy Household education An economical filter Fireplaces To lay out Flower Gardens How to keep fowls How to preserve gilt frames from flies How to make fruit jars airtight Fruit rooms How to pack fruit Economy of fuel How to preserve furs and woolens from moths The glass table Glass seals How to prevent glass being broken by hot water Gutta percha soles to put on galoshes How to make home comfortable How to make an hour glass Useful hints to housekeepers Management of infants How to make Ink Marking Sympathetic inks How to wash blond lace Methods of cleaning argand lamps How to choose Linen Sweet bags for linen How to silver looking glass Artificial mahogany Mahogany furniture General rules for marketing How to make paste The art of Patching How to clean and restore pictures Fumigation of plant houses and frames Care of plants in rooms Porcelain Pumice Stone How to purify a room How to ventilate rooms How to prevent rust Scent jars for a room School clothing How to sharpen edge tools Silk How to keep silk and velvet Smoky chimneys Sneezing Soap, its history and manufacture Sponges and how to preserve them How to clean silk stockings How to dry clean old tapestry Family tool chests Transparent cement Varnish and paint spots How to restore the pile of velvet Ventilation by air fountains How to protect vine and fruit trees from frost How to color or paper walls Waterproof and fire cement Waterproof clothing How to destroy weeds on gravel walks Mahogany stain on wood Varnish for coarse woodwork How to stain woods in various colors Wool Wool and perforated card work Woollen clothing. Health and Medicine: Change of Air Alteratives Asperients Advice to Bathers Care of the Chest Chest Preservers Consumption and the Italian Climates Diptheria Directions for restoring the apparently drowned How to save a person from drowning How to extract an earwig from the ear Night Gallery, anyone?

Eating during fatigue Exercise How to remove foreign bodies from under the eyelids Remedy for face ache Management of a fire in a sick room Glycerine Gruel Two reliable remedies for headache Influence of employments on health Principles of Homeopathy Insects of the human body Chapped lips Method of ascertaining the state of the lungs Medical proportionate doses How to destroy the tastes of medicines The art of cultivating memory Nettle Rash Hints in cases of poisoning Field and garden poisons Pulsation Charcoal respirators Rheumatism How to hold a sick person Value of flowers in the sick room Sitz bath Sleep Necessary rules of sleep Small pox Hints on the use of spectacles Stinging Nettles Muscular strength Substances in the eyes Hints on swimming Anatomy and physiology of the teeth Artificial teeth Cements for stopping the teeth Tincture for the teeth Temper Influence of temper on health The temperaments Best means of safety during a thunderstorm In-growing toe nails Useful disinfectant Vaccination Veins and arteries How to prevent the depression of gloomy weather Efficacy of wheat flour on scalds and burns The habit of wine drinking A sulky woman. Beauty and Hygiene: Appearances Baldness Cultivation of Beauty The Art of Beauty Blushing Harmony of Colors in Dress The Complexion How to reduce corpulency Dress Eyebrows and eyelashes Fashion Changes in the color of hair Preservation of the hair The Nails Perfumery and utility of perfumes Violet powder How to loosen a ring when fast on the finger Recipes for making rouge.

Arts and Crafts: How to make an Aeolian Harp How to Trace Braid Patterns Decalcomanie Diaphanie Enamels Fern Work Flower Painting made easy Artificial Flowers How to cut and keep flowers How to extract the essential oil from flowers A floating garden Culture of geraniums How to engrave on glass How to write on glass How to crystallize glass windows An economical greenhouse How to make coral branches for the embellishment of grottos Gutta percha modeling Hair Work Culture of hollyhocks On making a collection of insects How to make kaleidoscopes How to take plaster casts of leaves and flowers A cheap and philosophical ornament How to make transparent paper Papier mache How to preserve nursery pictures Pillow Lace Making Doherty's description How to take impressions of leaves and plants New plants for basket ornaments and rock work Skeleton plants How to give plaster figures the appearance of marble and to varnish Potichomanie Culture of the Chinese Primrose How to preserve roses through the winter How to make sand pictures Painting on satin How to make bead scent cases and purses How to polish sea shells Directions for collecting and laying out seaweeds Impression of a seal in wax How to make storm glass Tassel pincushion How to grow trees in parlors Metallic trees Cultivation of tulips Varnish for colored drawings and prints Gold varnish which does not lose its color due to exposure to air and light White varnish Useful hints on washing How to destroy wasps Care of watches Signs of good water Simple mode of purifying water Spring water How to remove frost from water pipes The art of making and modeling wax flowers Window gardening. Holidays: Saint Agnes Eve All Saints Day Ornamental Boxes Candlemas Day How to make Christmas Surprise Eggs Christmas Eve Baked Eggs Hints for Christmas Easter Day Ember Days Halloween Lammas Day Lent Low Sunday Lucky and Unlucky Days Lammas Day Michaelmas Day Midsummer Day Palm Sunday St.

Valentine Shrove Tuesday Whitsun Day The Yule Log. General Knowledge: Adulterations Almanacks Alphabets Amber Ambergris Amulets Anagrams Animal Heat Wonders of the Atmosphere The Augustan Age Barons and Baronets Extent of the British Empire Clocks Symbolic Meaning of Colors The Diamond The Electric Telegraph The Emotions Excursions Color of the eyes at birth The last image on the eye The history of fans Structure of feathers Flames sensitive to sound The language of flowers The Gordian Knot Health Resorts Hieroglyphics Individuality Theory of Life Light The Nine Muses Music Nautical Terms The Number Three Toads in gardens Trees Curiosities of walking sticks Wealth Indicators of changes in weather Winters in olden times. Fishing: Calendar for Angling Tackle and Flies for Angling The Rod The Line The Hook Floats Artificial Flies General Principles of Fly-making Salmon Flies How to catch Dace, Dart or Dare Fishing for eels Gudgeon Perch Pike, Luce or Jack How to fish for salmon Tench Trout Whiting. Games and Pastimes: Game of Annulette Game of Aunts Garden How to make Babys Ball Backgammon Billiards How to Stuff Birds Game of Bouquet The Game of Buzz Chess The Game of Clubs Game of Crambo Croquet Game of Cupid's Box Game of Curate The Cushion Dance Game of Descriptions Importance of Diaries Dolls Draughts Forfeits Game of "Gipsies" Goldfish, their history and care Game of Grasshoppers and Ants Game of the Bride, Guimbarde Game of Interrupted Reply How to construct and use a Magic Lantern Novel Reading Game of Odd Sorts Optical Illusion Parrots Management of a pianoforte Advice to pianists About Pigeons and Pigeon-Keeping Game of the Ring Advice on sea bathing Shuttlecocks Game of "Squaring of Words" Game of "Tell-Tale Little Finger" Troco, or lawn billiards Twenty-One Questions Violin bows How to re-hair violin bows Hints to violinists Winter's Evening Amusements Game of Wolf. Religion: Fate of the Apostles and Evangelists Archbishops and Bishops Ascension Day The Bible Best Means of Studying the Bible throughout the year Chrisin or Chrisom.

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1878 Antique Cookbook Victorian Household Home Remedies Arts Crafts Games Family