1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel

1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel
1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel

1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel

THE PATHWAY OF LIFE A Book for the Home, A Blessed Guest at the Fireside. Destined to Lead the Yoing and the Old Into Paths of Happiness and to Prepare Them for a Holy Companionship with Him Whose Kingdom is as Boundless As His Love.

A Series of Matchless Essays Abounding with Beautiful Precepts, and Counsel from a Rich Experience. Teaching How to Attain Success and Honor Among Men, with Practical Lessons Gleaned from Examples of History in Peace and War. Including Sketches, Incidents, and Thrilling Episodes in the Lives of the Mighty Men, Celebrated Women and the Heroes of Martyrdom.

With Descriptions of the Most Famous Battles in the Worlds History. A Collection of Grand and Splendid thoughts for Fireside Reading, Sacred Reflection, and the Elevation and Happiness of the Home Circle, Leading to Higher and Nobler Lives. By Reverend DeWitt Talmage, D. The Worlds Most Eloquent Preacher and Writer. Published in 1889 by B.

10.5 x 8 decorated cloth hardcover. Magnificently Illustrated with Nearly Three Hundred Engravings from the Masterpieces of the World, and Superb Color Plates. Condition: VERY GOOD ANTIQUE CONDITION. Beautiful exterior with bright decoration as shown in photo.

Front inner hinge cracked but holding. Text is clean and complete.

No torn, loose or missing pages. Nice example of this 132-year-old volume. THE PATHWAY OF LIFE is an oversized, handsomely decorated and elaborately illustrated volume built on themes of Christian spirituality, morality, national pride and how to live a long and beautiful life. It is a gorgeous example of a type of book that was very popular during the Victorian era, the subscription book, which people would order in advance of publication. In many ways, books of this type were the forerunners of todays coffee table book. With their bright gilt and vividly painted covers, they were as much a delight to behold as they were to read. A book like THE PATHWAY OF LIFE would have been proudly and prominently displayed in a Victorian parlor or sitting room as part of the d├ęcor. There it could be seen and enjoyed by guests even as it added to the rooms ambiance and attested to the good taste and moral fiber of the family who owned a copy. The author of THE PATHWAY OF LIFE was Reverend Thomas DeWitt Talmage, whom this book hails as, The Worlds Most Eloquent Preacher and Writer. He was indeed one of the most prominent religious leaders in the United States during the mid- to late-19th century, equaled as a pulpit orator perhaps only by Henry Ward Beecher. He was a well-known reformer in New York City and was often involved in crusades against vice and crime. Attending Talmage's sermons became one of the most popular religious experiences of the era. In 1870, his congregation at the Central Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn, New York, built a tabernacle solely to accommodate the large crowds who attended his church services. The building was built over an old church structure then being used as a Sunday School. The demand for his sermons helped with the raising of funds, and construction was completed in only three months. Although the tabernacle had been built to seat large crowds, seating was free of charge and hundreds were turned away every Sunday.

In the later years of his life, Dr. Talmage ceased preaching and devoted himself to editing, writing, and lecturing. At different periods he was editor of the Christian at Work (187376), New York; the Advance (187779), Chicago; Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine (187989), New York; and the Christian Herald (18901902), New York.

Each week he was said to have preached to audiences of 8,000 people, and for many years his sermons were published regularly in more than 3,000 journals, through which he was said to reach 25,000,000 readers. THE PATHWAY OF LIFE is a profusely pictorial volume, illustrated with three hundred and thirteen gems, as Dr. Talmage puts it, including full-color plates. Talmage was a strong believer in the persuasive power of art.

Pictures are not only a strong but universal language. The human race is divided into almost as many languages as there are nations, but the pictures may speak to people of all tongues. What a poor world this would be if it were not for pictures!

I refer to your memory and mine when I ask if your knowledge of the Holy Scriptures has not been mightily augmented by the wood-cuts or engravings in the old family Bible, out of which father and mother read, and laid on the table in the old homestead when you were boys and girls. The Bible scenes which we all carry in our minds were not gotten from the Bible typology, but from the Bible pictures. A blaze of splendor is the pictorial part of this book, an art gallery on the wing. You need not visit New York, or Dresden, or Berlin, or Rome to see the masterpieces, for the best part of them is now, my reader, between your forefinger and thumb. The publishers of this book have ransacked the earth for these three hundred and thirteen gems.

No subscription book ever published has had such beautiful pictures. Let me open the door for these queens of art. The narrative style in the PATHWAY OF LIFE is unique, for like a path, it meanders among many different themes as it leads you to the truths Reverend Talmage wishes you to arrive at.

There are 48 individual chapters ranging from Biblical stories, to accounts of historic battles, domestic life, daily business, vices, God and the afterlife, secrets of success and happiness, personal morality and responsibility, the wonders of art and architecture and much, much more. All described in the timeless rhetoric of Dr. Talmage, one of the most famous and eloquent preachers of the 19th century. The rich pictorial content follows the example of the text and counts among the 313 illustrations many scenes from the Bible, historical incidents, scenes of home and farm life in the Victorian era, pictorial representations of virtues and ideals, romanticized Victorian women, and numerous other themes. This beautiful book also contains a series of full-page, full-color plates.

It is difficult to define a book of this type as it embraces so many facets of life in order to deliver its multi-layered message. For that reason I have included some helpful details below, starting with a detailed summary of the books contents, followed by a generous sampling of the more than 300 incredible illustrations featured in this stunning antique volume.

I hope you will take a few moments to have a look. CHAPTER ONE EASTER MORNING: The Angels Of the Grass John Bunyan, the dreamer Sermon of the lily The lily family A banquet on Nightingale's tongues Evangels of the sky Flowers for the bridal day Dear memories Flowers for the dead Old Mortality among the gravestones The floral gospel The sepulchre in the garden Religious symbolism Death of the flowers Christ the rose and the lily Emblems of the Resurrection Bursting the sepulchre door Resurrection morn The last sleep The dead aroused The procession of immortals.

CHAPTER TWO BLESSINGS IN ADVERSITY: Harvest Time in Bethlehem The gleaners Effects of trouble The sweetness of sorrow Adversity the great educator Beside the death-bed A winged horse Tried by the fires of persecution The royalty of friendship Job's troubles Destruction of reputations Faithfulness of the Marys and of Ruth Darkness and dawn The harvest field of God's mercy Drinking the gall The scoffers at Noah Persecutors of Christ Little incidents that change lives Martin Luther Female industry Greatness from small beginnings. CHAPTER THREE THE VALUE OF BEREAVEMENTS: The Scourging of Jesus Vinegar for the Dying Christ Bitter sweet The worm in Solomon's staff What is fame? The great sympathizer The sourness of pain To whom shall be given the brightest crowns? The cup of bitterness The vanity of wealth and of genius Goldsmith's poverty The poverty of Jesus The crape on the door The trinkets that will be used no more Christ in grief Wailing for Lazarus The hour of death The season of everlasting love Taking the sorrows of the world Herschel, the astronomer Nana Sahib and his precious ruby.

CHAPTER FOUR CHRIST'S KINGDOM ON EARTH: Christians Devoured by Lions Division of the earth Evangelization of the world Greenland once a blooming garden All flowers descended from the Arctic region Deserts to be reclaimed A new apportionment What of certain buildings? Imported abominations Livingstone in Africa The richness of China Christian farmers Julius Caesar and King Juba The division of heaven Apostolic residences in the skies Meetings in heaven Dividing the spoils As ye sow, so shall ye reap Squeezing into heaven Crowns for the patient invalid The twelve gates The last day Queen Victoria distributing the Crimean prizes The final reward Medals for bravery A magnificent pageant of Roman victors Procession of the redeemed. CHAPTER SIX TO YOUNG WOMEN: The True Position of Woman Man's better part Drones that afflict society Unhappy marriages The dove that married a vulture The hand of the inebriate Sacrifices to rum and war Why so many unmarried women Masculine companionship not necessary to happiness The science of self-support False dependence Appropriate occupations Female employments How to reach the top Romantic ideas Apprenticeships necessary Two sad sights Broken vessels Woman's wages to increase Justice to women Women who have won their way Daughters of the regiment.

CHAPTER SEVEN TO THE WOMEN OF AMERICA: The Drunken Jabal An insult to David Abigail, the beautiful The courtship of Nabal A June morning smiling on a March squall An every-day tragedy Mme. Roland, of history, and her sad death Lengthening the average of human life Prayer in lordly castles Great men as evangelists Our literary companions A picture from life Rich but profligate The master and slave A broken heart A prisoner in a gilded castle Woe, woe Two ducal palaces Villains to be expurgated and fumigated An unclean foreign dignitary The drunken bridegroom A royal marriage Cleopatra's ruse to see Caesar Behold the bridegroom. CHAPTER EIGHT WOUNDED LOVE: General Teplltliah's Vow His defeat of the Ammonites Meeting with his daughter A wave of sorrow and the sting of regret The sacrifice of Jephthah's daughter Broken promises Victims to false vows The sacredness of a promise The family of furies Exceptional cases Marriage of Robert Burns The recreant captain Betrothal a solemn act Infamies of history No excuse for making mistakes Insincerity Divorce a last resort Make the best of a bad bargain Incompatibility The patience of Job What a wife can do A brave engineer Death of Queen Elizabeth.

CHAPTER NINE DOMINION OF FASHION: True Accomplishments Sin of rudeness Ancient Scythians Value of a crest Vanity in dress Poor butterflies Revelations of high life Physical disease, mental imbecility and spiritual withering Harvest of death Tumbling into ruin Shadows of gravestones upon finest silk Tumult of the last day Fashion in church Death of the vain man A wandering star Close of a life of fashion Death-beds of noted Christian women Queen Elizabeth and King Ferdinand. CHAPTER TEN TO THE FEMALE TEACHER: Among the Splendors of Ahasuerus' Palace The gathered magnificence of Persia The gleaming glories of Shushan The revelry of inebriated feasters Queen Vashti and the Princesses of Persia Mandate of the King Vashti's disobedience Vashti the sacrifice The glory of a true woman The great female heroes of history A tribute to female teachers Father is dead Thrown on her own resources A teacher's life A noble old school-marm Anecdote of Scarron Goethe and Shakespeare's ideas of women Heroines of the two great poets Vashti the veiled Great women of history Women clothed in a hurricane of millinery "Vashti has lost her veil" The injustice of our laws Discriminations against women Can't wait for female suffrage Vashti, the outcast Martyrs to duty Burning of the " Prairie Belle " The scoffers at Galileo Copernicus reviled Martyrdom of the reformers The frozen crew on duty An incident in the siege of Rome. CHAPTER ELEVEN AHAB AND JEZEBEL: Ahab Covets Naboth's Vineyard Wicked Jezebel's advice The stoning of Naboth Elijah's prophecy Horrible fate of Ahab and his queen The result of a wife's bad advice The dogs devour Jezebel Wifely ambition Illustrious examples of wifely devotion Judith slays Holofernes The wife of Andrew Jackson The mother of Washington Pliny's guardian spirit Testimonies to wifely virtues Thomas Carlyle and his neglected wife The bulls and bears of Wall street American politics Ruined by his wife's social ambition Deborah's Shibboleth In the teeth of public opinion Home influence on husbands Great men who have left no descendants The siege of Troves Execution of Joan d'Arc Faithful wives' reward Consecrated women. CHAPTER TWELVE POSITION IN LIFE: An Important Question A popular error Our joys ever increasing Greenough, the artist, happy in his poverty Solomon's vexations The metaphor of a grain of corn Mistakes about happiness Little satisfaction in social position Napoleon and Josephine A fine prospect A sad awakening from a joyous dream Observation of a rich English lord Usefulness in home circles Gathering wrinkles Bitter repentance Ghastly memories Personal charms of women The hoof-marks of time An affecting scene in a hospital The wounded drummer boy's message Abominable fashions The robe of righteousness Good night to tears and poverty Death of the orphan Good morning in heaven.

CHAPTER THIRTEEN GRANDMOTHER: Timothy's Good Grandmother Margaret, the mother of criminals Good women whose tombstones mark a gracious influence Old times Women of the last century Volney's opinion of American women in 1796 Depreciating our grandmothers The march of improvement Blessed grandmother Lois A picture gallery of wrinkled faces Maternal influence The ocean of eternity into which the streams of life empty Rolling on and forever Reckoning the end of time A beautiful tradition Honesty in our care of children -Good examples George Muller, the philanthropist A familiar sight explained Isabella Graham's letter to God Seeking the beloved face in heaven My grandmother Respect for old age The golden city The Song Echoes in our Hearts Music in the household The empty cradle Bitter desolation Death of a child The old man's song The old meeting-house Dohertys Description The resurrected hymn The night song The night of trouble "Jesus, Lover of My Soul " Songs for the sick For the desolate heart For the soldier in camp All tongues in praise The everlasting song The harvest song A sailor's song Millions of little ones before the throne Sacrifice of the innocents The great singers of history The choir of heaven Listening to the music of angels Henry V. CHAPTER FOURTEEN PROFANITY: The Story of Job His afflictions and vexations Profanity everywhere A traveller's memoranda Youthful sinners No manliness in swearing Where children learn to swear How the habit begins The vocabulary of good and more expressive words No excuse for using vile language Profanity on the increase Kissing the book Irreverence of the oath How I overcame the habit Profanity accurses this life A swearer struck dead Blasphemers punished Injustice to God End of sin and crime A storm on the mountain Stemming the tide Destruction of the Israelites. CHAPTER FIFTEEN A FALLING STAR: Attila, King of the Huns The star wormwood Legend of the wounded heifer The scourge of God Overrunning the east with 700,000 followers A ttila's death The brilliancy of his armor Slain by his bride Buried in three coffins, of iron, silver and gold The bitterness in our lives Destruction of great cities The end of Tyre and of ancient Thebes Relics of former splendors Why Babylon fell Incomparable magnificence The land of dazzling beauty now a waste of desolation Where the nation's safety lies Results of drunkenness and licentiousness The falling star. CHAPTER SIXTEEN JEALOUSY: The Haggard, Furious and Diabolical Sin Grief at the superiority of others The first case of jealousy Jealousy of Caligula Spanish courtiers jealous of Columbus Crimes of Dionysius Jacob and Esau Antony against Cicero Infamy of Tiberius Jealousy of Napoleon The Prodigal Son A passion that annoys the world Jealousy of nations Efforts to depreciate great men Garfield's death-bed Jealousy in the clerical and all other professions Like cutting a roasted ox Dissecting a character Punishment of Albert Barnes Some good counsel The Duke of Danzig A substitute How Jesus answered His accusers Timothy Poland's poem. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN THE SOUL: The World a Grand Property Exquisite descriptions of God's beautiful creations The heart of the world a burning coal Geologists and astronomers searching out God's secrets Apples of ashes Troubles of great men How to measure a man's property The undertaker called in The soul, its delicacy, and not to be repaired The value of a soul The victor crowned A great diamond A procession of the ages Story of an heroic sailor Vicarious suffering.

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN AGNOSTICISM: Solar Eclipse at the Destruction of Jernsalem The archangels of malice Destruction of the sun Terrible results The world a glacier Infidelity belongs to tragedy The degradation of womanhood The fury of a Clytemnestra Women in Christianity and Paganism The fear of Punishment A voice crying, There is no hell! Bible restraints As the Infidels would have it The army of atheists Hewing down the Cross Desecration of sacred shrines A nefarious plot Obliteration of Great works The world a mad-house, a lazaretto and a pandemonium Stand back from the chasm The sun that shot out like an electric spark from God's finger Christianity to capture the world.

CHAPTER NINETEEN MARVELS OF GENIUS: Demolition of the Assyrian Host The lame must do their duty The blind poets, Homer, Ossian and Milton Prescott, the historian Alexander Pope's infirmity The afflictions of Demosthenes, Bacon, Byron and Scott Columbus and Ferguson The great invalids The deaf and dumb Legend of St. Modobert The toilers, and the rejected of men A lame old man A good deed abundantly blessed The letter that was never posted Emerging from difficulties What workingmen have done Great engineering feats Sabbath-school teachers Saving a little child The royal family The dying pilot In the harbor. CHAPTER TWENTY DRUNKENNESS: Saturday Afternoon Closing How the poor man may become a capitalist Expenditures for rum A dreadful showing Effects of liquor on the system Abstainers healthier than drinkers A Russian inspection Saturday afternoons free but sober. CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE GENERAL JOSHUA: The Siege of Ai Joshua's strategy Capture of the city About face and charge Cheer for the triumphs of Israel Victorious retreat What are you reading? Bartholomew massacre Execution of Lady Jane Grey Persecution of the Protestants Jesus of the ages Santa Anna's retreat The powers of darkness Triumph of the wicked Destruction of the wicked Importance of taking good aim The bravery that confronts steel and bullet Parade soldiers Which side are you on?

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO CONSTELLATIONS OF THE REDEEMED: Every Man has a Thousand Branches The force of evil influence How a Community was changed by good example The swift feet of prayer An incident of the Mexican War Prayer swifter than electricity George Miiller's efficacious prayer How to pray The resources of the Lord Capture of Gibraltar Christian bombardment Luminosity of the planets A tour of redemption Like the stars Graves of the unknown The solar system likened to a company of children Galaxy of joy Flight of worlds Measuring the planets A glory that never fades Burial of the stars Cohorts tumbling out of heaven. CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE HOW TO PROLONG LIFE: Religion Associated with Sick Beds and Graveyards The saving health of all nations Remarkable longevity Mere dwarfs Distinguished descendants of the African race Curiosities of the body Paul in need of an overcoat Physical health Body and soul Siamese twins Dead from excitement Upholstery of the midnight heavens The human body is God's watch Dissipations that destroy health Religion promotive of longevity Byron his own Mazeppa Poe putting the raven in his soul Napoleon killed by a snuff-box Worry and trouble God rich enough to provide for all our wants A beautiful sickness A wound that was the badge of honor Frederick Frelinghuysen Comforting assurances A series of experiments The sacrifice to accept All things shall be given to the righteous. CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE CHRISTMAS: The Ages Cry for a Christ The most poetic figure of the centuries The coming of Christ Man's cruelty to animals Jesus cradled among the speechless animals A plea for humane treatment The birth of Christ Honoring childhood Not only a child, but an immortal ;A recess in heaven How a child decided Waterloo How a child decided Gettysburg Science honored Great men who are Christians The fields honored Distinguished men of American history The mother Artists whose ideals are found in their mothers The death of mother We are coming Calm land beyond the sea. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX AMUSEMENTS: In the Temple of Dagon Samson, the blind giant Pulling down the temple upon his tormentors Sinful amusements The world for God's own children Proper recreation Cultivation of the voice and of music Raising up the depressed soul How Waterloo was won The gymnasium commended Effects of food upon the body Martin Luther mighty in mind and body Parlor games commended Bounding health Out-door sports The pleasure and healthfulness of doing good Cheerful looks and words Moravian missionaries Result of sinful amusement A wasted life Prophesying death. CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN CHILDREN: Judge Eli and His Two Bad Boys Receipt of ill news Death of the two sons and a fatal shock to Eli An all-conquering army An incident of the war between Frederick II.

And Maria Theresa The boy of to-day to be ruler of the future A shield of insufferable splendor Errors in the training of children John Milton's domestic blunders The drudgery enforced on his daughters A cruel father John O'Groat's eccentricity The family scapegoat Dangers of over-indulgence Necessity of studying a child's disposition Adapting yourself to requirements Godls hints to parents Treasures in a shattered casket Religious restraint essential Suppression of childish sportfulness Let them romp Study and play The beauty of early piety The dying mother's request. CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT JESUS: Are the Planets Inhabited? Proofs that they are A glimpse of heaven Gardens in perpetual bloom What is death? The wealth of the prince Solomon's riches -A fallen world Christ's arrival on earth His great poverty A chilling reception Pompey's glory Treading the wine-press alone Cleopatra's banquet The grace of God Story of the old Scotchman Anecdote of Artaxerxes The seven wise men of Greece An apothegm for each.

CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE CONCORD AND DISCORD: Laying of the Corner-Stone Svmphonies of nature A musical portfolio The harp-string broken Infirmities of society A shipwreck of harmonies Svmbolisms of nations Fond of contention The Devil's sonata A singular dream Anecdote of Bach Moral discord The Dusseldorf jubilee The cost of war Overture of the morning stars Mozart's greatest composition An instrument to attune the world The anvil chorus Compass of the human voice A new song The Great Peace Jubilee in Boston A thrilling incident Parepa Rosa's Star-Spangled Banner. CHAPTER THIRTY FORBIDDEN HONEY: Ingenuity of the Honey Bee Celebration of the bee in fable Some wonderful facts The forbidden honey Jonathan's disobedience Pernicious literature Corrupt influence of bad books Filling life with husks and cinders Good books The false honey of stimulants Recipes for curing the drunken habit Neetmok Ominous names of intoxicants False security Infatuation for strong drink The gamester's indulgence Faro and card playing Stock gambling Victims of Wall street Fatal accident Seek only the honey of heaven The ambrosia of life Fuueral of a Norse king End of the Poet Shelley. CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE THE SECRET OF SUCCESS: Nothing can Keep a Good Man Down The success of Joseph Chrysostom's brave answer to Eudoxia Monuments of the Christian religion An unfair comparison Persecutions bring victories The fires of the stake Crime will out The sale of Joseph Saul's cupidity discovered Easier to sin than to escape the consequences All events linked together A small incident that defeated Napoleon's Egyptian expedition God's plans beyond our comprehension Defeats and victories are twin brothers Anecdote of Dr. Kennedy Every famine has a storehouse.

CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO ROYAL WOMANHOOD: The Imperial Character of a Good Woman The coronation of women The widow's son The ministers of home A hard death The blessed home Woman's heroism Friends of the poor Dangerous fruit God protects the charitable Helen Chalmers among the poor Soliciting charities Tell your troubles to your wife A friend in every emergency Woman's opportunity Rest in heaven Winning the crown. CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE EMPLOYMENTS IN HEAVEN: Ezekiel's Vision of Heaven What are our departed friends doing? Effects of conversion How to determine the occupations in heaven Surfeited with good things Continuing our trades and professions The celestial art gallery The soul shall sing Musical instruments of heaven An anecdote of Haydn The church militant The mathematics of heaven Brave spirits who sought to reach the North Pole Astronomers and chemists in celestial inquiry Authors in heaven A wonderful place to visit Meeting with noted people The Scotch Covenanters A place of perpetual love The tombstone the starting-post The cathedral bell of heaven A dream of heaven Home! CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR DELUSIONS: Divination to Find the Will of God Two modes practised in Babylon Oracles and Sibyls The Delphic oracle An impostor in New York Is Christianity a delusion?

CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE BOOKS: Paul in Ephesus A big bonfire of bad books A great agency for good or bad The printing-press Pernicious literature filling our jails and poor-houses The tree of life and of death Books that are good Baleful novels The truly great novelists Moral and physical effect A woman who devotes her time to novels Great evils from small causes Torn by a leopard Corrupting the imagination A terrible curse The clock strikes midnight A spectre of the night Make a bonfire of bad books. CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX PILLARS OF SMOKE: The Architecture of the Smoke Beautiful comparisons Martyrdoms and persecutions Catholics and Protestants alike practise inhumanities Intolerance of both Other persecutions Horrible atrocities in the name of religion Groans of the martyrs Has persecution ceased? A complaint from the theatres A terrible vengeance A beautiful symbol The gates of the church The smoke of peace Lincoln's wise proposition The horrors of war Down with Moloch Burning of the world. CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN HEROES OF THE SEA: Behold the Ships Our war vessels Memorable sea fights The neglected sailor The fight of Lepanto Battle of Actium And of Salamis Wonderful things accomplished during our late war Deeds of naval heroes The ocean cemetery From picturesque display to death Sinking of the Weehawken Keep your flag flying Four years of martyrdom A review of three great conflicts Epigrammatic messages Death of Farragut Conversion of Admiral Foote.

CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT WARS OF THE AGES: Military Science Set forth in the Bible Early weapons of warfare Fighting from the backs of elephants Armed chariots The noise of advancing hosts Foreign nations jealous of us A sacrifice for my country Contrast 1862 with 1888 The " Star-Spangled Banner " and "Way Down South in Dixie " War contrasted with peace The Statue of Liberty The rivalry of commerce Off for the war Thrilling scenes and heart-burnings Thanksgiving day in camp News from the battle Harrowing sobs and agonies Glorious contrasts The dove of peace Progress in North and South Buried heroes The number that have fallen in battle. CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE A MIGHTY HUNTER: Hunting as a Sport Formerly it was to destroy dangerous wild beasts Nimrod, the mighty hunter An affecting story Archers of olden times Battles fought with the long bow Arrows from wood of the Cross In the armory of the Earl of Pembroke The men who have bravely faced danger The monster of intemperance The Church of God The Bengal tiger of drunkenness Great tun of Heidelberg A death bed repentance A singular vision Visited by the spirit of his dead mother An inexpressibly sad scene Five acts of a tragedy A grand hunt in the India jungles Domitian's skill as an archer The sinner's death-trap Roland the trumpeter A marvellous tomb.

CHAPTER FORTY FORGIVENESS: Pillow of the Dying Day Glorious sunset Life's exasperations Misrepresentations and persecutions An anecdote of Henderson A faith cure A boy whose vitals were eaten by a fox Vindictiveness of Nebuchadnezzar's son Murder of the young princes Shakespeare's genius Magnanimity of Aristippus The duty Ruins of Pompeii A child's trustfulness in its father A provider and defender Mohammed's idea of power The clock of earthly existence The sunset of earth is the sunrise of heaven. CHAPTER FORTY-ONE THE BLACK GIANT: Easter Mornings of the World The royal court of the Sabbaths The black giant Invading every domicile with the pestilence of death Christ the good Physician The abolition of death At a king's banquet Reconstruction of the body Cremation may become necessary God shall raise the dead Resurrection of seed life Seeds from the mummy pits of Egypt The apparent death and resurrection of Rev. Tenneut Evidence of a final resurrection The Olympic games Meeting of body and soul A cruel heathen Emptied graves. CHAPTER FORTY-TWO PALACES OF SPLENDOR: The Church of Notre Dame Magnificent relics there preserved Jewelled raiment of kings and queens The odors of Christ's garments Exquisite comparisons Ivory palaces Solomon's splendors Healing all ills Claiming the flowers of earth for transplanting in the eternal garden Open your gates for a new soul to come in.

CHAPTER FORTY-THREE SECRET SOCIETIES: " Discover not a Secret to Another " Why Solomon gave this injunction People who can't keep their mouths closed Gossip in Solomon's household Effects of a secret divulged and of a secret kept Associations for goodly purposes commended The necessity of secrecy Resistance to monopoly Mary, Queen of Scots Good accomplished by secret societies Sacrificing the home Ruined by social excesses The two roads A rope that reaches to heaven. CHAPTER FORTY-FOUR A STAIN ON THE ESCUTCHEON: National Parties Need of an Anti-Mormon policy The great lazaretto in the West Recruited from foreign shores The demand of the age Extirpation by the sword recommended Bigamy on a colossal scale Inducing a laxity in the marital relation Divorce made easy Protect the emigrants Intermarriage of nationalities The Constitution and the Bible to be studied A recognition of God Anarchy condemned No dependence in political promises Loyalty to God The voice of prayer A handclasp round the world. CHAPTER FORTY-FIVE RESPONSIBILITY OF RULERS: Baseness of Henry VIII. The sinners of the world enthroned Our land blessed with good men David reproved by Nathan Incompetency of officials Ignorance elevated to place Drunkenness in the halls of legislation Slain by strong drink Examples of the evils that have come upon our country through intoxication A cry from the land God's indignation Bribery and corruption How bills are passed Revolution ahead Your duty to your country God save the United States! CHAPTER FORTY-SIX GOD'S CIRCLE: The Universe Made on the Plan of a Circle Shapes in nature Greatness of the past Noah's ark Centuries behind old artists Relics from an exhumed English city The world swinging in a circle Ezekiel's wheel The mutations of time Building of the pyramids Effects of goodly influence never destroyed Thy sins will discover you Disrespect to parents A shocking illustration Influence of Voltaire and Marat A glad theory Christ the centre of the circle.

CHAPTER FORTY-SEVEN A PURPOSELESS LIFE: Idolatry of the Ancients He feedeth on ashes Lady Jane Grey and other unfortunates The vanity of riches The voluptuaries of history A wasted life Infidelity The hunger of restlessness What is wealth? Help cometh not from this world Anecdote of a rich merchant The faithful watch-dog The end of the world The confiding murderer. CHAPTER FORTY-EIGHT SMALL THINGS: The Eye of the East Paul's persecution of the Christians His conversion Pursued by the mob Refuge on the housetop The escape An incident in John Wesley's life How Pitcairn Island was reclaimed The manger in Bethlehem Miriam's rejoicing In a storm at sea Success at last John in the wilderness Holding the rope A nail nearly wrecks a Cunarder The Spanish inquisition Paul's prayer Amen.

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1889 Antique God Bible Jesus Holy Land War Crusades Martyrs Sin Virtue Art Angel